• We have known him for years, but do we know enough about him?

    Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10, ubiquinone) is present in every cell of the human body. It is a vitamin-like substance of key importance for the production of energy, growth and regeneration and for the current functioning of cells, tissues and the organism as a whole.

  • Salt or sugar?

    And it's not a question to do with kitchen matters. It's about our body. Peeling is a very important step in complex skin care.

  • Dead Sea Minerals - Eternally Alive

    Why have the Dead Sea Minerals cosmetics been popular for many years? What is their secret? Due to the high salinity in its waters, the Dead Sea is not conducive to any forms of life, but the salt and mineral-rich waters are regarded as a source of vitality for the body and soul.

  • How to survive HEAT, taking care of BEAUTY and good look?

    It's not easy to maintain your make-up and good looks in the heat, but it isn’t impossible. A few simple treatments will help to maintain freshness and well-being despite the heat from the sky. When the heat is raging and it’s a thousand degrees where you are, it is hard to care for beauty. But there are some good ways to survive the heat keeping you in good condition.

  • No SLES, no stress! Going Sulfate-Free.

    If you’re thinking of going sulfate-free, please try our LeSoie 10 in 1 Keratine Shampoo. In our shampoo we replaced SLES by DLS. This sulphate free shampoo gently cleanses and respects sensitive and fragile hair. The hair fibre is reconstituted by the keratin and your hair is strong, supple and silky.

  • Power of natural ingredients. Back to the roots.

    Beauty is the first gift that nature gives to the woman and the first one that it takes back. For centuries, women wanted to be beautiful and keep that gift as long as possible. The knowledge how to do this is as old as our civilization

  • Vitamin C. The mystery of the young look.

    Vitamin C is primarily a rejuvenating ingredient. As an antioxidant inhibits the action of harmful free radicals, the main culprits of aging skin. In addition, vitamin C supports the production of collagen responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Do you have a gray and tired complexion? You should regularly use cosmetics with vitamin C to make your skin look brighter, tighter, hydrated and smooth.

  • The most of all... Nature!

    Natural cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular. Nothing unusual. They offer healthy, safe and comprehensive body care. Furthermore these cosmetics are also safe for the environment, therefore they reach to the people aware of the problems of the modern world, where environmental issues are not indifferent. Benefits of natural cosmetics are already widely appreciated and the demand is constantly increasing.

  • Meet LeSoie Skin Whitening Program

    Whitening cosmetics have been used since the ancient times, and have a high number of consumers following in the present age. To begin with, it might help to understand how whitening cosmetics work. Skin whitening agents target the melanin pigment in the skin epidermis, break down or inhibit melanin formation, and render the pigment colorless.