How to survive HEAT, taking care of BEAUTY and good look?

It's not easy to maintain your make-up and good looks in the heat, but it isn’t impossible. A few simple treatments will help to maintain freshness and well-being despite the heat from the sky.

When the heat is raging and it’s a thousand degrees where you are, it is hard to care for beauty. But there are some good ways to survive the heat keeping you in good condition.

Ensure good and systematic hydration of the body and skin - drink plenty of mineral water and often lubricate with moisturizing lotion. Protect your hair and skin from the sun - wear a hat and glasses. Avoid strong make-up that melts with sweat, clogs the pores and greases the skin. First of all, take care of daily hygiene. Cool shower, wet wipes, matting paper and good antiperspirant should be a daily life kit.

Heat:  take a refreshing shower in the morning

Summer water will wash away the remnants of sleep and stimulate the body. To survive the scorching day, use a gel with a refreshing scent of mint or citrus. Finish the shower cooling the body for a few seconds with cold water. Do not wipe off with a towel so as not to warm up the body, but gently dab it to the skin.

During the heat drink mint tea
During the heat drink more than usual, up to 3 liters a day. Start your morning with a glass of lukewarm mint tea, which will not only refresh but also will bring down the warmth of your body. Accept the principle that any drink you drink during the day should have a moderate temperature, not too warm or cold. It is also good to drink mineral water containing sodium, which retains water in the body and thus reduces thirst.

Cool your skin with lotion during heat
If you want to keep the feeling of coolness and refreshment as long as possible, lubricate the whole body with a light, gel-like, moisturizing lotion. You can later apply on your shoulders and neckline the cream of gold particles. Even when in the sun, your skin will look fresh all day.

Make light make-up
You do not have to give up make-up in the heat. The foundation should be light so that the skin can breathe. It is also good to limit the release of sebum. If you do not have discoloration and pimples, you can use only loose powder. Paint your lips with a lip gloss and place loose eyelashes on your eyelids. To avoid smearing of the mascara, use henna.

Use the body mist
Choose mists with a refreshing and energizing citrus aroma. Spray onto your body and hair to feel the stimulating aroma for a long time. Dress up loosely
During the heat, the best clothes are loose, because a tight fit prevents getting rid of moisture from the surface of the skin. In addition, they heat up the skin. They should be made of natural fabrics - synthetics make it difficult to evaporate sweat.