Meet LeSoie Skin Whitening Program

Whitening cosmetics have been used since the ancient times, and have a high number of consumers following in the present age.

To begin with, it might help to understand how whitening cosmetics work. Skin whitening agents target the melanin pigment in the skin epidermis, break down or inhibit melanin formation, and render the pigment colorless. The skin, as a result, starts to look paler or lighter than its normal hue. People use whitening cosmetics to light complexion or to get rid of freckles, to lighten age spots and to even out any skin pigmentation problems.

Why should you choose LeSoie?

The whitening formula created by LeSoie Cosmetic contains new generation of biologically active substances which reduce pigments of melanin and inhibit activity of tyrosinase. The Skin Whitening Program reduces appearance of dark spots, gives fresh radiance, nourishes and smoothes skin. 

Try out LeSoie new whitening discolouration collection: spot cream, cream with UV filters, mask and lotion. It gives immediate complexion lightening, evens out skin darkening and limits the over-pigmentation process.

Power of ingredients.

LeSoie whitening cosmetics contain a few active substances:

ActiWhite® – significant reduction of skin pigmentation

Lumisphere® – visual skin whitening, reduces the melanin level in skin

Cucumber extract – supporting lightening activity

Mulberry extract – rich in rutin and vitamin C – reduces hyper pigmentation

Vitamin C – stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the skin, smoothes.

Is it suitable for me?

The new line of LeSoie whitening cosmetics are natural cosmetics that are used in beauty treatments for skin lightening.

New concept skin whitening series has been developed for skin with freckles, discolorations and spots. Skin pigmentation can go along with ageing, hormonal disorders or damaging UV rays activity. Meet simple and effective bloggers' way to get rid of spots and instantly brighten the complexion!