Power of natural ingredients. Back to the roots.

Beauty is the first gift that nature gives to the woman and the first one that it takes back. For centuries, women wanted to be beautiful and keep that gift as long as possible. The knowledge how to do this is as old as our civilization.

Ancient times

Since the ancient times women really cared about their appearance. However, they did not have modern beauty stores at their disposal, in which we can buy any number of creams, masks, etc. In those days herbs and all possible gifts of nature were used to keep female beauty.

The legendary Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, bathed in milk, mixed with specially prepared herbs. It was also Cleopatra who had her own home spa and people where preparing cosmetics specially for her.

The inhabitants of Mesopotamia were the first to use camel milk and fragrant flower petals to produce skin treatment cream. Ancient people, highly valued species which removed defects of the skin and hair such as: marjoram, chamomile, fennel, wormwood, marigold and sage. The people from the Tigris and Euphrates also used these plants during their daily hygiene.

Ancient scrolls describe that women used natural lotions and perfumes to charm. Even then herbs were used as aromatic incense, relaxing and having a beneficial effect on the skin at the same time. 

The present - back to the roots

Modern cosmetic industry has appreciated the power of natural ingredients and thanks to modern technologies they joined richness of earth with science to create the best cosmetics. LeSoie launched a line of organic cosmetics, which not only bring many benefits for us but also help protecting the environment and the animals.

Nature has packed plants and herbs with a lots of vitamins, minerals and substances that positively affect our skin and hair. These ingredients are much better absorbed by the body than those of artificial origin - just as vitamins from fruits and vegetables are better absorbed by the body than those in the most expensive and best food supplements. 

Meet the latest line of LeSoie organic cosmetics.

This natural, organic, highly effective product line, which will take care of the skin with certain needs. This line is marked by certificates, which guarantee the quality of the ingredients used and shows our concern for nature. LeSoie go beyond the face and body care, provides conscious choice. Take care of your skin and the world.

These LeSoie body scrubs contain natural brown cane sugar immersed in Olive oil, Macadamia oil, Grape seed oil, Sweet almond oil and Buriti palm oil. The vegetal oils have certificates, proving that they are organic.

Natural LeSoie body sugar scrubs gently exfoliate the skin, smooth it and make it soft. Sugar crystals remove dead skin cells, while the oils moisturize the skin and strengthen its hydrolipidic barrier. Additionally each scrub has its own unique properties due to the used plant extracts. Moisturizing and nourishing ingredients take care of your skin without irritating it. Skin becomes soft and firm. All scrubs have a marvelous fragrance.

Certified Organic Cream with tomato extract

Certified Organic tomato cream stimulates production of collagen and elastin, smoothes and nourishes the skin, improves its texture and gives a healthy, young looking appearance. Easily absorbed certified cream with tomato extract provides protection against the damaging factors of premature skin aging. It smoothes wrinkles, improves skin elasticity and tension. Is based on lycopene, which effectively strengthens the natural protection barrier. It has been enriched with natural active oils, plant essences, vitamin E and flower waxes to protect skin from free radicals and slow down its aging process.

LeSoie Organic Cream with cucumber

Certified Organic cucumber cream contains many active ingredients. The main one is fresh cucumber extract, rich in vitamins C and B, minerals and micro elements. It also includes natural active oils, plant essences, vitamin E and flower wax providing appropriate moisturizing of the skin. Cucumber cream nourishes, moisturizes, smoothes and brightens the complexion. Increases the skin’s firmness and elasticity.