Salt or sugar?

Salt or sugar?! And it's not a question to do with kitchen matters. It's about our body.

Peeling is a very important step in complex skin care!

Its overriding task is to exfoliate the outer, keratin layer of the epidermis, which carries a number of benefits leading to improved skin condition.

Regular use of peeling helps to enjoy longer beautiful and healthy skin. Massaging with exfoliating particles stimulates the microcirculation of the skin and improves its blood supply. During treatment we remove dead skin cells containing impurities. It helps the process of skin renewal and regeneration, but also prepares it for the next stages of skin care. After peeling, the epidermis layer is thinner and better absorbing of the active ingredients from the lotions and oils applied to it, allowing them to penetrate deeper into the skin and, consequently, create better effects. The exfoliating treatment will provide us with perfectly smooth skin, improve its colour and make it more firm and elastic.

But on the store shelves, we can find various types of body scrubs - the most popular are salt and sugar scrubs. So which one to choose?

The answer, as often happens, is not that clear. So what should we consider when choosing peeling scrubs?

Salt scrub is an example of a strong "scrape", intended for lower body parts (thighs, buttocks, and abdomen), perfect for those who like strong skin peeling. The grains of salt severely eliminate the keratin layer of the epidermis and purify it. It stimulates microcirculation, helps to remove toxins and water retention in skin cells, thus accelerating the burning of fat. They are therefore a great choice for those who are struggling with cellulite, whilst supporting them in the process of losing weight. Salt (primarily marine) is rich in minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and oligo elements. During crystallization, the crystals dissolve and valuable substances penetrate the skin, stimulating its renewal and improving colour. Salt scrub will also work if your skin is tired, grayed out and needs a shot of energy.

Sugar scrubs. The fine crystals of sugar are mostly submerged in vegetable oils or karite butter. Thanks to that, the action on the skin is very gentle. Slightly exfoliates, cleanses the outer layer of the epidermis and smooths it out. Thanks to moisturizing and nourishing properties, they help regenerate the skin and restore its natural protective layer. Sugar scrubs do not irritate even extremely sensitive or atopic skin. They are also ideal for women who spend a lot of time in solariums or often use self-tanning oils and therefore have very dry skin.