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LeSoie may have European roots but it’s not the Old Continent where we put our focus on. We’ve turned our eyes towards the centers of the New World – with the Middle East at its core, bridging the developed West with the emerging East.

That’s why we are actively looking for partners across the MENA region to rapidly expand our network and serve clients in all countries. Our cosmetics were designed with specific local needs in mind. That’s why in our range you will find a selection of ingredients originating from the Middle East such as camel’s milk or sensual oud.

Handmade, organic, halal…

Our products are authentic in every possible way. We offer nearly 400 soaps under Mon Savon sub-brand, made by hand in Belgium. All our cosmetics are organic, made only from natural ingredients. They are also suitable for our Muslim clients, since all of them are 100% halal. Anybody and everybody can use what LeSoie has to offer.

But we go beyond that. With our custom designed packaging we want to create a visual experience as well. Give our customers products that are attractive to the eye as well.

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Unique identity, luxury atmosphere

Our stores come in three different sizes, designed to fit the needs of all franchisers. Starting with LeSoie Cadeau, a kiosk such as the ones you can find in Mushrif or World Trade Centre malls in Abu Dhabi. They provide a limited array of products and can be place flexibly inside the mall, without the need to rent out full bofes.

Then there are two formats or regular, more traditional stores – LeSoie Gallery and Grand Gallery. They carry a full representation of our product lines and are designed for malls or as standalone shops.

Each of them carries our own furniture and in-store display designs, also inspired by Art Nouveau, and manufactured by craftsmen to measure. This way, regardless of the shape and size of your space, your interior will always look great.

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If the MASTER FRANCHISE of your country or region is still available, then you have a golden chance to earn for years and years to come, you, your kids, your grandkids,