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Spa Trésor – discover the treasures of spa, blended from natural ingredients by our craftsmen in Belgium.

Your visitors will long remember the fragrances, the texture and the feeling after their treatment with these cosmetics. Experience it yourself – call us or visit our office in Dubai. You don’t have to make a decision now – come and try it first.

Who are we?

LeSoie comes from the heart of Europe – the Kingdom of Belgium. All our products are manufactured in a small town, close to the French, Walloon and Flemish borders. We use only natural ingredients – our cosmetics aren’t tested on animals and are safe for the environment. Our soaps – Mon Savon – are all made entirely by hand, as we are dedicated to keeping manufacturing as close to traditional, natural methods.

Our values have roots in the late 19th / early 20th century Art Nouveau artistic movement, which brought natural world back as an inspiration for arts and crafts. Just like 100 years ago, our products are not only safe and good for the body, but are beautifully designed and functional. We go beyond being environmentally friendly – LeSoie brings a multi sensual experience to the bathroom.

It’s not often that you see a genuinely European product coming to the market. But we don’t believe in cutting corners – quality is our priority.


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Customized experience

We know you want to create a seamlessly perfect experience for guests at your hotel. They should remember it well and associate it with you. That is why we help hotel owners to give their visitors this experience by merging our natural, Belgian cosmetics with their brands.

We will work with you to select the perfect combination for your hotel – in your bathrooms and spas. Our offer is flexible and we can organize every step of execution for you. If you have any custom needs – design, packaging, volume – we will help you execute it. All you should focus on is running your hotel.

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With over 700 products we cover all of the needs in personal care.

Natural, organic, handmade, safe for the environment – we bring best European traditions in cosmetics’ craftsmanship to retail and business customers in the Middle East and Asia.

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